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Diamond cuts and shapes, what it says about your personality

Like a shimmering snowflakes in winter, did you know that diamonds are absolutely unique? All vary in shapes, sizes, colors and cuts. Cutting and diamond shapes is what determines the value. And to debunk a popular belief, is different from a diamond shape diamond shaped. To distinguish, a cut is the faceted gemstones and proportions that gives shine and spark, while the shape is in a diamond shape that describes the structure and the attribute.

If you can deal with the technical aspects of a diamond, then you will have to do with facets, angles and proportions. This case will determine the beauty, brilliance and the cost of this gemstone. Cut is the only aspect of the diamond that is determined by the ability and skill of the craftsman’s hand.

What each diamond cut indicates below are some significant facts about a cut gem that females generally prefers and things indicating the woman wearing it. The different cuts and shapes include round, oval, Emerald cut, princess cut, marquise, heart, pear-shaped. Here is a guide that can help you to understand your individual claim on the wearer:

-Oval diamond bearers are usually more traditional, yet eager to go often against the norm. Have to be different, wanting to pass up much of the time. Person wearing this type of diamond cut are those that outgoing.

Marquise cut takes a mistress of the 18th century. Women who often wears this cut makes an impression of someone who is money oriented. As diamond himself, Lord who likes this type of diamond cut like making an impression for yourself.

-A princess cut diamond is a square-shaped diamond with complexity on its side. Women wear this diamond cut are those that are the trend-setters and loves to be the center of attention. Are those fun loving women, who always looking for excitement and want to enjoy life to the fullest.

Heart shaped cut is among the top of the list people hopeless romantic. These types of women, usually jumps from one report to another. Commonly they get disappointed when they discover that love is just a false tale.

-Pear-shaped Diamonds are often times perceived as indications of purity and simplicity. Pear-shaped diamonds serves as a symbol of purity and simplicity. Individuals with this cut or a wedding ring or a classic elegant diamond engagement rings are generally very high-maintenance, perfectionists and often stressful.

If a diamond is used for the bracelet, earrings, pendant, ring, brooch or any type of jewelry, each diamond is sure to be elegant and different as the wearer. The quality and the trends mentioned above certainly do not apply to every woman. But if you find yourself choosing a diamond, just may perhaps come as no surprise that the diamond cut just choice might work cutting contour.

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